The Big Easy

Rich with color and culture, no place in the world provides a backdrop for a photo shoot quite like New Orleans.


On a wedding trip last summer to Baton Rouge, we stopped by the Big Easy to photograph some tassels and trims for Interior Design magazine. In 2 days, we ended up with enough setups to fill a book- but we kept shooting as we wound our way from through the wetlands up to the capital city. Here are some shots that didn’t make the cut. (link to article above)


Robert Allen in House of Blues

It was a scavenger hunt of sorts, with over 30 samples to match up with myriad New Orleans scenes. We found a treasure trove within the House of Blues; behind the iconic painted house is a terrace decked out with Creole art and Voodoo paraphernalia.

We had to photograph Jackson Square for its recognizable steeples- but we also found a willing jazz band who posed with a beautiful embroidered textile, and a carriage horse to pair with some trim.


Pierre Frey & trombonist in Jackson Square

Driving north with a car full of fabrics, we stopped under an overpass to discover tiny spiders in the wetlands. A wall of crab pots made a cool scene.


Donghia and crab claw

It was chilling to be so near to the painful past in the French Creole architecture at Magnolia Mound plantation, but walking among the monumental trees provides some serenity. In a reconstructed open hearth kitchen, we found space for tassels among the nineteenth century utensils.

We shot all of this in a hot, humid, whirlwind 3 days down south- from a hotel room full of fabric tubes to a rental car stuffed to the brim. The Interior Design spread shows the photogenic nature of New Orleans and its surroundings, but you can’t hear, smell or taste all that there is- we’d go back any day!

My Family

We convinced my family to come out to NYC for Christmas this year. The weather cooperated, and we got to do some serious outdoor touristing. The first photo, of my dad, is a favorite. Happy New Year!






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September issue of Interior Design magazine

I’m very excited about getting the cover of this months ID.  I was fortunate enough to shoot this beautiful project by Ed Wood and his team at Gensler.  Incorporated into the design, was the works of Markus  Linnenbrink.

“I’d been hoping to work with Markus Linnenbrink ever since he did a temporary installation at Gensler,” Wood says. “I felt that his paintings could bring a necessary artistic grandeur to  the project. But they were a strong statement, especially for a law firm.”

A definite favorite to date!  See full article here.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.54.23 AM




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Camping New Zealand at night

Last month Jill and I embarked on a two week tour de New Zealand.  We picked up a camper van in Aukland and worked our way south from there.  Over the next few weeks I plan on doing a few posts from the trip, but some of my favorite photos came after the sun had set.





IMG_2600 IMG_2597

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Puerto Nuevo at night

Puerto Nuevo is a small village off the coast of Baja Mexico.  We spent two nights here during our road trip.  It was a beautiful and simple place.  The photos are taken around 4:30am, off the balcony of our B and B.



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West Coast Road Trip

Baja->SD->Pismo->Sonoma->Lake Tahoe

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Our Guesthouse in Puerto Nuevo, Baja was only an hour south of the border, but was set up for tropical relaxation time.


The ubiquitous Baja meal: fish taco & a Tecate from a roadside stand; semis blew by our backs as we faced the ocean view and enjoyed some banter with the laid-back passers-by.

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This midcentury modern architecture marvel was our hotel just outside of Ensenada.  The cottages were reminiscent of Flinstones homes & boasted a silly amount of dated furniture, wood paneling and tartan curtains.


The view southwest from the Hanna-Barbera compound towards La Bufadora.

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A 60 degree Christmas Eve sunset on Pismo Beach.


Continuing the theme of 50’s architecture with this California Classic- the Esquire magazine shop in Pismo, California.


Sandpipers enjoy another perfect sunset in Pismo.

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Impeccable style at the virtually unchanged Pismo Bowl.  We enjoyed 2 games on lane 8, keeping in our Christmas Day bowling tradition.


Colder than it looks, but not as snowy as it should be- the beach at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe experiencing the worst snow drought in a decade.


A final California sunset scene- Awe stretches near the Lake after a day of cross country and hiking in the patchy Tahoe mountains.

all images © garrett rowland 2014